We asked you to submit your best travel shots for the chance to appear in our upcoming photobook, You Are Here. The response, of more than 5000 entries, showcased a world of travel experiences and photographic talent, from which we selected 35 of our favourites.

But, after much deliberation – and with the help of some fantastic experts, including legendary photographer Martin Parr – we’ve chosen our top three. So here they are: the You Are Here winners.

Third place: Marc Ehrenbold


Marc, a cinematographer from the UK, says: “This was shot on location in Gion, Kyoto in the mid-morning. I wasn’t supposed to be there that day – but, after a schedule change, I’m happy that I was.

Following the neon-lit adrenaline of Tokyo, I was longing for some onsen, ryokans and Zen-style musings in a temple.

The beguiling smile of the street-food chef drew me in long before the charcoal sparked. I took the photo with my robust and versatile Nikon D750 and 24-70 FX AFS-G VR f2.8 at 55mm. Handheld, no flash, no fill.

I returned later to sample the food, and it was well worth it. Visit Japan open-minded and curious and you will be well rewarded. It is a unique balance of tradition and modernity.”

Second place: Danielle Lancaster


Danielle, a photojournalist from Australia, says: “This image was taken off the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. That’s the high rises of Surfers Paradise in the background.

The humpback whales, nearly hunted to extinction, migrate up and down the coast each year to give birth and mate in Queensland’s tropical waters.

I love nature; it’s so diverse across our planet and these giants of the sea are just one exquisite example.

It was a rough day (hence a few white caps) and I was hanging onto an upright rail holding the mast of the yacht to steady myself to get a shot of this mother as she started to feed her calf. I was using a Nikon D4 with a 70-200mm 2.8 lens.

Just as I pressed the shutter, the yacht made an almighty lurch. Everyone on board heard the cracking noise as my rib broke against the rail that I was so dearly hanging on to.”

The winner: Solly Levi


Solly, a travel consultant from the UK, says: “This photo was taken in Kata beach, south of Phuket. I was there for work.  I had spent one week exploring the islands surrounding Phuket and stayed in a hotel just off Kata beach. The kids in the picture are from a fishing village nearby.

The day the shot was taken was my last day on that beach and I decided to go to the end part, where it was less busy and closer to the fishing village. It had been raining the night before and the sand was hard which acted as a giant flat surface, perfect to ride motorcycles – and in this case a sidecar.

When I saw the boys, it reminded me of my years as a youngster doing the same thing on a motorcycle in Africa. It took me back to a moment of freedom and need for speed – and I had my Fujifilm XT1 with my 18-55mm lens ready to snap the action. I managed to capture the speed by slowing down my shutter speed and keeping the kids in focus at all times.

If I had to name the picture, I would call it ‘Adrenaline’.”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who took part! See the winning shots and many more in You Are Here: A Travel Photobook, published October 5 and available for pre-order now. 

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